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1. Invitation
This is the official invitation to all European Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE and ECU to
participate in the 29th European Club Cup and the 18th European Club Cup for Women. The events
will be held in Rhodes, the famous Greek island on the southeast Aegean Sea. The dates are 19th
October (day of arrival) to 27th October 2013 (day of departure).
2. Participation
The valid regulations to be followed for the European Club Cup (open & women) are the "ECU
Tournament Rules" approved by the General Assembly of the European Chess Union. Each
European federation is allowed to take part in this competition. According to the regulations,
participation is open to:
• SOCAR Azerbaijan, the current cup holder in the open competition.
• Cercle d'Echecs de Monte Carlo (Monaco), the current cup holder in the women
• Two (2) clubs per federation in which a national team championship is organised or one (1)
club per federation in which no national team championship is organised.
• A third club is allowed to that federation(s) in which a national team championship is
organised provided that at least 20 grandmasters and/or players with a FIDE rating over
2600 have participated in this national team championship.
• One additional club (only in open competition) for the European federations which are
ranked in the first five places of the federation ranking list. For the competition 2013 the
federations are Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel. 3. ECU fees
3.1. In accordance with ECU regulations each federation should pay an entry fee of 300 euros per
participating club of the open competition and 200 euros per participating club of the women
3.2. According to the ECU regulations (article B.9.5.1), the entry fee to ECU shall be paid by the
federations before or at the start of the competition. If the entry fee is not paid by the end of round 2
these teams will not be paired in subsequent rounds.
3.3 The ECU account
Bank: Credit Suisse, Postfach 357, CH - 6301 Zug
Account number: 1835105-42
Holder: European Chess Union
National Bank Code: 4835
IBAN Code: CH3604835183510542000
4. Application, Registration
4.1. Every federation that intends to participate, with one or more clubs, must inform the Organising
Committee before 30 June 2013 of its acceptance of the invitation, specifying also the exact number
of the clubs participating. A copy should be sent to Tournament Director Dirk De Ridder, e-mail:
4.2. Afterwards, entry forms must be completed and returned to the Tournament office email no later than 19 August 2013, by fax or mail stamped by the
Federation, also by official email. The date of 19 August 2013 is the registration deadline. In entry
form basic team composition must be written.
4.3. The complete registration form must include surname/s, first name/s, ID number, FIDE rating
and title, and passport number of each player. It must also include the name and telephone / e-mail /
fax number of the Chief of Delegation and of the person in charge of the Club.
4.4. Copies of the registration forms should at the same time be sent to Tournament Director Dirk
De Ridder, e-mail:
4.5. All entry forms have to be put forward by the respective federation: entries not supported by the
federation will not be accepted.
4.6. A registration fee of 55 euros for each participant and accompanying person will be charged
which includes accreditation, badges and transfer from Rhodes airport, port to the 5-star Rodos
Palace, the official hotel & venue. Teams will not be paired until all their registration details and
payments have been fulfilled.
In order to avoid the problem of last-minute team changes that are not in accordance with the ECU
Club Cup Tournament Rules each federation has to send a copy of the club list(s) as entered for the
respective national team competition to the Tournament Director. 5. Travel details
5.1. Transfer from Rhodes airport to the official hotel & venue, the 5-star Rodos Palace (15 km) will
be available by the Organising Committee.
5.2. These transport services will be available on 19 October (arrival) and on 27 October
(departure). If the Organising Committee is able, it will accept special requests from clubs regarding
transfer dates.
5.3. The organiser can offer special discount fares for airtickets throughout Europe. Such requests
for airticket offers can be forwarded to the tournament office email
6. Lodging and meals
6.1 Accommodation and meals for all players and accompanying persons will be offered by the
organiser with the following special prices per day and per person at the official hotel & venue, the
5-star Rodos Palace:
a) in double room: 53 euros, VAT and full board included (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
b) in single room: 78 euros, VAT and full board included (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
6.2 If a participating club does not wish to use the above accommodation offer of the Organising
Committee for the official hotel, an additional payment of 100 euros per person who requires
accreditation must be included with the registration (ECU bidding procedure 2011).
7. Payments
7.1 By the deadline of registration (no later than 19 August 2013), the registration fee of 55 euros
per person plus a non-refundable deposit of 30% for all costs of each club should be transferred to
the following bank account to confirm registrations and bookings:
Bank: Piraeus Bank
Bank Swift Code (BIC): PIRBGRAA
Account holder name: Koutlougiannis At Holidays Ltd
Account number (IBAN): GR2701720230005023055028191
Bank address: 4 Amerikis Str., 10564 Athens – GREECE
7.2. The foreign bank commissions must be paid by the sender. If not, the respective amount will be
charged and should be paid in full before the end of the second round.
8. Trophies and Prize Fund
8.1 The first 3 teams will receive trophies. Each team member of the winning club (players, reserves
and captain) will receive a gold medal. The team members of the 2nd and 3rd placed clubs will each
receive a silver and bronze medal respectively.
8.2 For the best placed clubs and for the individual results for the best board result in the open
competition, prizes to the value of 30.000 euros will be provided. For the best placed clubs and for
the individual results for the best board result in the women competition, prizes to the value of
20.000 euros will be provided. In addition, an individual prize of 1.000 euros will be given to the
player with the best performance from a “small nations” club. 8.3 The total prizes value of 51.000 euros will be distributed as follows:
CLUB CUP (24.000 euros) WOMEN (16.000 euros)
1st club 9.600 euros 8.000 euros
2nd club 4.800 euros 4.000 euros
3rd club 3.600 euros 2.400 euros
4th club 2.400 euros 1.600 euros
5th club 2.400 euros
6th club 1.200 euros
8.3.2. INDIVIDUAL PRIZES (the best board results)
CLUB CUP (6.000 euros) WOMEN (4.000 euros)
1st place per board 500 euros 500 euros
2nd place per board 300 euros 300 euros
3rd place per board 200 euros 200 euros An extra prize of 1.000 euros will be given to the player with the best performance from a
“small nations” club.
8.3.3. Standings for the best board results will be calculated according ECU Tournament rules.
9. Tournament Hall
The event will be held in the Congress Center of the 5-star Rodos Palace Hotel.
10. Schedule
Saturday 19 October Arrivals
Saturday 19 October 21.00 Opening ceremony
Saturday 19 October 22.00 Captain's meeting
Sunday 20 October 15.00 1st Round
Monday 21 October 15.00 2nd Round
Tuesday 22 October 15.00 3rd Round
Wednesday 23 October 15.00 4th Round
Thursday 24 October 15.00 5th Round
Friday 25 October 15.00 6th Round
Saturday 26 October 15.00 7th Round
Saturday 26 October 22.00 Closing Ceremony
Sunday 27 October Departures
Teams who are not represented at the technical meeting will not be paired according to the decision
of the ECU Board. The Closing Ceremony will take place in the Medieval Castle of Rhodes, a unique offer by the
Municipality of Rhodes. Transfer by bus with return will be provided from the official hotel Rodos
Palace. For organisational and security reasons, entrance will be allowed only to accredited persons.
11. Basic competition rules
11.1 The championships will be held in 7 rounds, played in the Swiss system in accordance with the
ECU Tournament Rules.
11.2 According to FIDE and ECU rules, the time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30
minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.
11.3. Players may only agree to a draw after the 40th move has been made by black. Players
violating this rule will be forfeited. If a player is offered a draw before the 40th move has been made
by black, he should call an arbiter. His opponent shall be punished for distracting, according to the
FIDE Laws of Chess.
12. Additional competion rules
12.1 Any player who arrives at the chessboard after the start of the round shall lose the game (zero
tolerance FIDE rule).
12.2 Analyzing is not allowed in the playing hall.
12.3 During the game the players are not allowed to go to the analyzing room or to the press room.
12.4. Flash photography may be used only in the first ten minutes of the playing session.
12.5. Only the players and arbiters shall be allowed in the actual playing area, except with the
express permission of the Chief Arbiter.
12.6. Players are not allowed to enter the closed area of the top boards if they don't play there
12.7. As long as the game is in progress a player may talk only to an arbiter or with his opponent as
permitted by the Laws of Chess.
12.8 Regarding foreigners, ECU Tournament Regulations F1.2 will be followed strictly. 12.8.1 The teams shall be composed of six players all of whom must be members of the club and
were entitled to play for the club in the national team championship of the federation which was
organized within one year before the start of the current European Club Cup. However, players who
are foreigners to the federation in which the national team championship is organized, must have
played at least two games in this championship. Foreigners are defined as those which are either
belonging to another federation in the FIDE Rating List valid at the start of the national team
championship or have a permanent residence outside the federation in which this national team
championship is organized.
12.8.2 If a participating club wants to include a player who does not fulfill the requirements of
article 1.2 the club has to pay an amount of 2500 Euro (1000 Euro for the women event) to ECU.
These players have to be announced to the Tournament Director before the deadline for nomination
of teams and the extra fee has to be paid to ECU before start of the competition. In the open
competition no more than two players, in the women's competition no more than one female player,
may be replaced.
12.8.3 Players, who are considered as foreigners according to F.1.2, and who have been playing at
least three times for the same club in previous European Club Cup competitions are exempted from
the obligation to play at least two games in the championship of the federation for this club.
12.9 Attention is drawn to the fact that this competition is offering the possibility to achieve GM- or
IM-norms based on 7 games.
12.10 No teams of federations which have financial arrears with respect to the European Chess
Union will be allowed to enter the competition.
12.11 The ECU Rule related to dress code – Chapter B Article 13 - will be applied at this
12.12. We assume that all the players have read the Tournament Regulations and are obliged to obey
12.13. The English text of these Tournament Regulations is the authentic version.
13. Tournament Director, Arbiters and Appeals Committee
The Tournament Director of the European Club Cup 2013 is IO Nikos Kalesis. The Chairman of
Appeals Committee and the Chief Arbiter of the competition will be announced no later than 1
September 2013. Four members of the Appeals Committee will be elected in the captains meeting.
14. Entry visa to Greece
Teams or players needing visas are requested to contact the Organizing Committee before 19 August
2013 and apply on time to the respective Greek embassy. The Organising Committee will provide
invitation and required confirmation of booking in the official hotel after the necessary payments.
The Organizing Committee has no responsibility for late or not complete applications.15. Contact / Information
The official website of the European Club Cup 2013 is
Tournament Director: IO Nikos Kalesis - Tel.: (+30) 6938326161
Fax: (+30) 2641500112, Email:

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