Programi - Kupa e Evropes 2015

"European Club Cup 2015"  Shkup - (MKD)
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E shtune 17 Tetor  Ardhja
E shtune 17 Tetor 19:30 Cermonia e hapjes 
E diele 18 Tetor 15:00 Xhiroja 1
E hëne 19 Tetor 15:00 Xhiroja 2
E marte 20 Tetor 15:00 Xhiroja 3
E mërkure21 Tetor 15:00 Xhiroja 4
E ejte 22 Tetor 15:00 Xhiroja 5
E premte 23 Tetor 15:00 Xhiroja 6
E shtune 24 Tetor 15:00 Xhiroja 7
E shtune24 Tetor 22:00 Mbyllja e cermonis
E diele 25 Tetor  Vajtja
The European Chess Club Cup 2015
The European Chess Club Cup 2015 will be held from 17-25 October 2015, at the conference center of the Alexandar Palace Hotel.

The European Chess Club Cup 2015 will take place in the city of Skopje, at the 5-star Alexandar Palace Hotel which is regarded as one of the finest hotels in Macedonia. Alexandar Palace offers luxurious accommodation, exquisite dining facilities and numerous recreational amenities, on a superb location on the right bank of River Vardar and only fifteen minutes walking distance from the city center.

The cup is organized by European Chess Union and under the patronage of municipality of Karpos and chess school Gambit Asseco. The collaboration between municipality of Karpos and Gambit Asseco is going on for several years now and together they have organized the chess league between the schools of the municipality of Karpos, Karpos Open 2015 chess tournament as well as several other chess tournaments.

The municipality of Karposh was formed on the 3th of November 1976 and is one of the ten municipalities of the City of Skopje. The municipality of Karposh consists of 14 unites called local communities, out of which 12 are urban and just two are rural.

OGambit Asseco chess club exist from 2007, when they first competed in the Macedonia chess league. The next year Gambit Asseco won the Championship and also started competing in the european club cup.

From each National Club Championship in European countries, one to four clubs qualify to the European Club Cup, depending on the strength of each national event. The European Club Cup will be held in 7 rounds for both categories (open/men teams with 6 boards and women teams with 4 boards), played with the Swiss system.
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